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White tea, a kind of micro-fermented tea, is a special treasure among Chinese teas. It is named because the finished tea is mostly bud head, covered with pekoe, like silver and snow. One of the six major types of tea in China.
White tea, which is processed by drying or simmering without being killed or rolled, has the characteristics of complete shape and buds, covered with buds, fresh fragrance, clear yellow-green soup color, and light and sweet taste.
The main white tea producing areas are Fuding, Zhenghe, Zherong, Wuhan Xinzhou Old Street, Jiaocheng Tianshan, Songxi, Jianyang, Yunnan Jinggu, etc. in Fujian. The basic process includes withering, baking (or drying in the shade), picking, and refire. The Yunnan white tea process is mainly sun-dried, and the advantage of sun-dried tea is that the taste maintains the original fragrance of the tea. Withering is a key process in forming the quality of white tea.
White tea is divided into four kinds of products: Baihao Yinzhen, Bai Peony, Shoumei and Gongmei due to different tea tree varieties and raw material requirements.

【Quality Characteristics】
White tea is full of Pekoe, the soup is light in color, fresh and mellow, and has a fragrance. The main feature is the white silver cents, known as “green makeup” beauty, the bud head is fat, the soup color is yellow and bright, the taste is fresh and mellow, and the leaf bottom is tender and even. Taste after brewing, it is delicious and delicious, and it can also play a pharmacological effect. White tea is cool in nature and has the effect of reducing fever and reducing fire.

【Value effect】
The medicinal properties of white tea are very good. It has the functions of relieving hangover and sobering up, clearing heat and moistening the lungs, calming the liver and benefiting blood, reducing inflammation and detoxification, reducing blood pressure and reducing fat, and eliminating fatigue, etc., especially for the physical discomfort and digestive dysfunction caused by excessive smoking and drinking, excessive oiliness, and excessive anger. , has a unique and smart health care effect.
● cure measles
●Promote blood sugar balance
● eyesight
●Protect the liver

【How to taste】
Brew with boiling water at about 95 degrees Celsius. Do not cover it. After three minutes, the white tea will stretch, restore to jade white, the leaves are thin and transparent, the veins of the leaves are emerald green, and the bottom of the leaves is complete and uniform, forming flowers, like pieces of jade dancing. The white jade is undercover, and the color of the soup is green and bright. At this time, the unique characteristics of white tea are pure and beautiful.

Adding water: When the tea soup reaches one-third of the teacup, add boiling water and drink it again. Generally, it is advisable to brew it three times.

●Drinking white tea should not be too strong. Generally, 5 grams of tea leaves are enough for 150 ml of water.
●The water temperature is required to be above 95℃, the first brewing time is about 5 minutes, after filtering, pour the tea soup into the tea cup and drink it. The second soak only takes 3 minutes, that is to say, it should be done as you drink and soak.
●In general, a cup of white tea can be brewed four or five times.

【pay attention】
White tea is cold and cool, so those with “hot” stomach can drink it in moderation on an empty stomach. Those with a neutral stomach can drink it anytime, while those with a “cold” stomach should drink it after meals. But white tea generally does not irritate the stomach wall.

The dosage of white tea is generally only 5 grams per person per day, and it is not advisable for the elderly to use too much.

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●Brand: Boxin
●Product Category: Baihao Silver Needle
●Imported or not: No
●Whether it is prepackaged food: yes
●Origin: Fujian, China
●Selling method: packing
●Materials and ingredients: Fuding Baihao Silver Needle
●Net content (specification): 500 (g)
●Shelf life: long term (12 months)
●Storage method: refrigerated
●Product standard number: GB/T 31751
●Unit weight: 0.5kg

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