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The golden buds belong to green tea and are known as “the giant panda in tea”. It is an emerging tea variety. It is produced in Zhejiang and Anhui. Its cultivation is difficult and the cost of management and maintenance is high. After more than 10 years of breeding, it is the only new tea variety with optimized yellow variation in China. It has been introduced into the Academy of Agricultural Sciences. The research institute is within the range of rare and famous tea.

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frequent smokers and drinkers
“Three high” crowd
Those with a strong stomach and a hot constitution (symptoms include bad taste in the mouth, constipation, oral sores, facial acne, etc.)

Anti-radiation, anti-cancer
fight aging
Lower blood pressure, lower blood lipids
Clear heat and detoxify, sterilize and reduce inflammation

The shelf life of green tea is generally 12 months.
The environment for preserving green tea is: avoid light, isolate moisture, prevent peculiar smell, and seal it. It is recommended to put green tea in an aluminum foil bag, squeeze out the excess air in the bag, and seal the bag mouth.
After sealing, put the tea bag into a tin can or tin can, cover the lid, and store it upright in the refrigerator.
If it can be consumed within 2 months, it can be stored at room temperature and in a cool place.
Control temperature: below 10℃, relative humidity: below 50%.

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【Introduction to Tea】
The golden buds are golden in color under the sun, and are characterized by “three yellows”, that is, the dry tea is bright yellow, the soup color is bright yellow, the leaf bottom is pure yellow, and it is rich in amino acids.
Latin name: Camellia
Latin name: Huangjinya
Resource Type: Breeding Varieties
Main features: high yield, high quality, high efficiency
Main use: edible, ornamental
Climate zone: tropical, subtropical
Growth habit: The main suitable cultivation area is the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River, which likes warm and humid climate and fertile, deep acid and neutral soil.
[Blooming and fruiting characteristics]: flowering period from October to December, fruit period from October to October
[Characteristics]: The golden bud is a natural variant of the local tea tree group, which is cultivated by cuttings. The new shoots in spring, summer and autumn are golden yellow. The leaves on the lower part of the canopy) turn green, and the leaves are golden yellow in all seasons. Shrub type, semi-open plant, small leaf species, medium vigor, large flowering and less fruit.


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